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== Examples ==
== Examples ==
:the Italian ''commedia dell'arte''
:the Italian ''commedia dell'arte''
:the penny-pinching businessman
:the wicked stepmother
== Critical Debates ==
== Critical Debates ==

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A stock character is a character who exemplifies cultural stereotypes.


[edit] Definition

With things like speech, dress, behavior and relations to other characters, stock characters act as cultural touchstone characters whose characteristics a particular audience has come to know and expect. Parody is a key component of situations amongst stock characters, rendering their cultural stereotypes more prominent.

[edit] Examples

the Italian commedia dell'arte
the penny-pinching businessman
the wicked stepmother

[edit] Critical Debates

{is the term contested, challenged, defined differently, etc.?}

[edit] Related Terms

round character, flat character

[edit] References

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