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Welcome to the Wiki for the International Society for the Study of Narrative! Please contribute to the site by creating an account and then adding new content or editing existing pages. If you are a member of the Society and would like to add a scholarly biography, please do so on the Narrative Theorists and Scholars page.

Narrative Terms and Concepts

We are building a glossary of definitions, examples, critical debates, and references for the critical terms and concepts in the field of narratology. To add or edit a term or concept, or or a full list of terms and concepts already on the site, please visit the Terms and Concepts page.

Recently Added Terms and Concepts


Narrative Theorists and Scholars

We've created this part of the wiki to highlight the work of scholars in the field of narrative, including yours. Please feel free to upload your own biographical information and personal scholarship. Included in the basic template are sections for a biography, scholarly contributions, and texts. To add or edit a scholarly biography, or or a full list of scholars with pages on the site, please visit the Narrative Scholars page.

Recently Added Scholarly Biographies


Narrative Bibliographies

In this section, we'd are including lists of works on narrative, narratology, and narrative theory, categorized by different keywords or approaches. To add or edit a bibliography, please visit the Narrative Bibliographies page.

Recently Added Texts


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