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| [[duration]]
| [[duration]]
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| [[delay]]
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| [[advance mention]]

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Welcome to the Wiki for the International Society for the Study of Narrative!

Please feel free to edit the content of the pages and fill in definitions, biographical material, and information as necessary.

Terms and Concepts

[This section will include definitions, examples, critical debates, and references for the critical terms in the field of narratology. Insert text into the categories provided, and add other terms which may be missing.]

narration implied author dramatized narrator
undramatized narrator homodiegetic narrator heterodiegetic narrator
omniscient narrator perspective point of view
slant stream of consciousness voice
frequency singulative iteration
repetition focalizer focalized
focalization internal focalization external focalization
narrative discourse narrative perception framing narrative
embedded narrative antinarrative mediated narration
metanarrative monologic narrative narratee
narrative code narrative schema narrative trajectory
narrativity nonfocalized narrative predictive narrative
time order duration
temporal relation delay advance mention
dramatic monologue actor block characterization
filter flat character round character
stock character attributive discourse central consciousness
archipersona text textuality
intertextuality paratext event
constituent events supplementary events logic of events
narrative story fabula
sjuzet mediation obstacle
diegesis mimesis polyphony
hermeneutic gap achrony anachrony
causality episodic plot counterplot
exposition leitmotif mise en abyme
peripety/reversal discourse discursive formation
direct discourse indirect discourse free indirect discourse
narrative reliability in media res temporal relation

Narrative Theorists

[A place to mark the work of scholars in the field of narrative. Included are sections for biography, contributions, and texts. Please fill in information accordingly.]

Gerard Genette

Mieke Bal

Wayne Booth

Roland Barthes

Northrop Frye

Michel Foucault

Seymour Chatman

Gerald Prince

Walker Gibson

Paul De Man

Wallace Martin

Mikhail Bakhtin

Peter Brooks

Peter Rabinowitz

Henry James

James Phelan

Cleanth Brooks

Robert Penn Warren

Major Works

[This section should include major works of narratology and their bibliographic information.]

Introduction to the Structural Analysis of Narrative, Roland Barthes

S/Z, Roland Barthes

The Rhetoric of Fiction, Wayne Booth

Narrative Discourse, Gerard Genette

Narrative Discourse Revisited, Gerard Genette

Anatomy of Criticism, Northrop Frye

The Archaeology of Knowledge, Michel Foucault

Story and Discourse, Seymour Chatman

A Dictionary of Narratology, Gerald Prince

Narrative as Theme, Gerald Prince

Toward a Postmodern Theory of Narrative, Walker Gibson

Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism, Paul De Man

Recent Theories of Narrative, Wallace Martin

The Dialogic Imagination, Mikhail Bakhtin

Reading for the Plot, Peter Brooks

A Companion to Narrative Theory, Peter Rabinowitz

The Art of Fiction, Henry James

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