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The journal Narrative Inquiry focuses on publishing articles on narratology from a wide variety of critical viewpoints and methodologies. Below you will find a list of articles published by the journal.

Aldridge, Michelle, and Joanne Wood. "Telling It How It Was: A Comparative Analysis of Children's Evidential and Non-Evidential Narrative Accounts." Narrative Inquiry 9.2 (1999): 257-77.

Andrews, Molly. "Counter-Narratives and the Power to Oppose." Narrative Inquiry 12.1 (2002): 1-231.

Archakis, Argiris, and Angeliki Tzanne. "Narrative Positioning and the Construction of Situated Identities: Evidence from Conversations of a Group of Young People in Greece." Narrative Inquiry 15.2 (2005): 267-91.

Atkinson, Paul, and Sara Delamont. "Rescuing Narrative from Qualitative Research." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 164-72.

Baerger, Dana Royce, and Dan P. McAdams. "Life Story Coherence and Its Relation to Psychological Well-Being." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 69-96.

Baker, Carolyn, and Greer Johnson. "Stories of Courtship and Marriage: Orientations in Openings." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 377-401.

Ball, Arnetha F. "The Value of Recounting Narratives: Memorable Learning Experiences in the Lives of Inner-City Students and Teachers." Narrative Inquiry 8.1 (1998): 151-80.

Bamberg, Michael. "Narrative: State of the Art." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): vi, 1-228.

---. "Stories: Big or Small: Why Do We Care?" Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 139-47.

Baquedano-López, Patricia. "Narrating Community in Doctrina Classes." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 429-52.

Barton, Ellen. "Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Narratives in Institutional Discourse." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 341-75.

Baynham, Mike. "Narratives in Space and Time: Beyond 'Backdrop' Accounts of Narrative Orientation." Narrative Inquiry 13.2 (2003): 347-66.

Bell, Susan E. "Narratives and Lives: Women's Health Politics and the Diagnosis of Cancer for Des Daughters." Narrative Inquiry 9.2 (1999): 347-89.

Bhatia, Sunil. "Rhetorical Imagination in Narrative and the Paradigmatic Texts." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 397-408.

Blommaert, Jan. "Applied Ethnopoetics." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 181-90.

Booth, Tim. "Adult Children of Parents with Learning Difficulties: Stereotypical Outcomes and the Reporting of Narrative Research." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 123-37.

Brockmeier, Jens. "Autobiographical Time." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 51-73.

Burnett, Bruce. "Theorising of the Other Talking Back." Narrative Inquiry 13.2 (2003): 433-57.

Buttny, Richard. "Discursive Positioning as Accounting and Dialogic Practice." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 147-50.

Carranza, Isolda E. "Genre and Institution: Narrative Temporality in Final Arguments." Narrative Inquiry 13.1 (2003): 41-69.

---. "Identity and Situated Discourse Analysis." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 151-56.

---. "Low-Narrativity Narratives and Argumentation." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 287-317.

Chafe, Wallace. "Things We Can Learn from Repeated Tellings of the Same Experience." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 269-85.

Chance, Chris, and Barbara H. Fiese. "Gender-Stereotyped Lessons About Emotion in Family Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 9.2 (1999): 243-55.

Chang, Chien-ju. "The Development of Autonomy in Preschool Mandarin Chinese-Speaking Children's Play Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 8.1 (1998): 77-111.

---. "Talking About the Past: How Do Chinese Mothers Elicit Narratives from Their Young Children across Time." Narrative Inquiry 13.1 (2003): 99-126.

Charon, Rita. "The Self-Telling Body." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 191-200.

Cheyne, Allan, and Donato Tarulli. "Paradigmatic Psychology in Narrative Perspective: Adventure, Ordeal, and Bildung" Narrative Inquiry 8.1 (1998): 1-25.

Coates, Jennifer. "'My Mind Is with You': Story Sequences in the Talk of Male Friends." Narrative Inquiry 11.1 (2001): 81-101.

Cook-Gumperz, Jenny. "A Memory of Many Mondays." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 197-202.

Coombes, Leigh, and Mandy Morgan. "Narrative Form and the Morality of Psychology's Gendering Stories" Narrative Inquiry 14.2 (2004): 303-22.

Daiute, Colette, Ellie A. Buteau, and Caren Rawlins. "Social-Relational Wisdom Developmental Diversity in Children's Written Narratives About Social Conflict." Narrative Inquiry 11.2 (2001): 277-306.

De Fina, Anna. "Crossing Borders: Time, Space, and Disorientation in Narrative." Narrative Inquiry 13.2 (2003): 367-91.

Dills, Vivian Lee. "Transferring and Transforming Cultural Norms: A Mother-Daughter-Son Lifestory in Process." Narrative Inquiry 8.1 (1998): 213-22.

Esgalhado, Barbara M. Duarte. "For Then and Now: Memory and Writing." Narrative Inquiry 11.2 (2001): 235-56.

Fischer, Wolfram, and Martina Goblirsch. "Biographical Structuring: Narrating and Reconstructing the Self in Research and Professional Practice." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 28-36.

Frank, Arthur W. "No One to Talk To." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 195-98.

Frank, Gelya. "Thoughts on Institutional Memory: Narrative Constructions and Future Time." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 187-95.

Freeman, Mark. "Charting the Narrative Unconscious: Cultural Memory and the Challenge of Autobiography." Narrative Inquiry 12.1 (2002): 193-211.

---. "Experience, Narrative, and the Relationship between Them." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 455-66.

---. "Life 'on Holiday'? In Defense of Big Stories." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 131-38.

---. "The Matter of the Text." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 29-43.

---. "Mythical Time, Historical Time, and the Narrative Fabric of the Self." Narrative Inquiry 8.1 (1998): 27-50.

Galasinska, Aleksandra. "Temporal Shifts in Photo-Elicited Narratives in a Polish Border Town." Narrative Inquiry 13.2 (2003): 393-411.

Georgakopoulou, Alexandra. "Analytical Positioning Vis-À-Vis Narrative Positioning." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 185-90.

---. "Conversational Stories as Performances: The Case of Greek." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 319-50.

---. "Plotting the 'Right Place' and the 'Right Time': Place and Time as Interactional Resources in Narrative." Narrative Inquiry 13.2 (2003): 413-32.

---. "Thinking Big with Small Stories in Narrative and Identity Analysis." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 122-30.

Gergen, Mary M., and Kenneth J. Gergen. "Narratives in Action." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 112-21.

Gunnarsson, Britt-Louise. "Institutional Narrative: Culture, Professionalization and Depersonalization." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 181-86.

Gwyn, Richard. "'Really Unreal': Narrative Evaluation and the Objectification of Experience." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 313-40.

Habermas, Tilmann, and Christine Paha. "The Development of Coherence in Adolescents' Life Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 11.1 (2001): 35-54.

Hänninen, Vilma. "A Model of Narrative Circulation." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 69-85.

Harkins, Debra A., and Sukanya Ray. "An Exploratory Study of Mother-Child Storytelling in East India Andnortheast United States." Narrative Inquiry 14.2 (2004): 347-67.

Hausendorf, Heiko. "Social Identity Work in Storytelling: Methodological Remarks." Narrative Inquiry 12.1 (2002): 173-79.

Herman, David. "Dialogue in a Discourse Context: Scenes of Talk in Fictional Narrative." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 75-84.

---. "Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences." Narrative Inquiry 11.1 (2001): 1-34.

---. "Narrative, Science, and Narrative Science." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 379-90.

Hermans, Hubert J. M. "The Coherence of Incoherent Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 223-27.

---. "The Position Repertory of Interviewer and Narrator." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 191-94.

Hogan, Patrick Colm. "Continuity and Change in Narrative Study: Observations on Componential and Functional Analysis." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 66-74.

Hunt, Nigel. "All Quiet on the Western Front and Understanding of Psychological Trauma." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 207-12.

Järvinen, Margaretha. "Life Histories and the Perspective of the Present." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 45-68.

Johnson, Fern L. "The Context of Race in Reading Narratives on Daytime Talk Shows." Narrative Inquiry 12.2 (2002): 431-38.

Johnson, Greer Cavallaro. "A Cautionary Tale: A Dialogic Re-Reading of a Student Teacher's Visual Narrative." Narrative Inquiry 11.2 (2001): 451-78.

---. "Telling Tales: A Complicated Narrative About Courtship." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 1-23.

Johnson, Greer Cavallaro, and Isabella Paoletti. "Orienting to the Category 'Ordinary-but Special' in an Australian-Italian Courtship and Marriage Narrative." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 191-218.

Johnstone, Barbara. "A New Role for Narrative in Variationist Sociolinguistics." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 46-55.

Jones, Raya A. "Identity Commitments in Personal Stories of Mental Illness on the Internet." Narrative Inquiry 15.2 (2005): 293-322.

Jones, Rebecca L. "'That's Very Rude, I Shouldn't Be Telling You That': Older Women Talking About Sex." Narrative Inquiry 12.1 (2002): 121-43.

Josselson, Ruthellen. "The Hermeneutics of Faith and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 1-28.

---. "Narrative Research and the Challenge of Accumulating Knowledge." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 3-10.

Juen, Barbara. "The Spiral Movement from Externally Authoritative to Internally Persuasive Discourse." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 119-26.

Kang, Jennifer Yusun. "On the Ability to Tell Good Stories in Another Language: Analysis of Korean Efl Learners' Oral 'Frog Story' Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 13.1 (2003): 127-49.

Katz, Arlene M., and John Shotter. "For Another First Time: 'Instructive Spontaneities' in Dialogical Moments." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 253-63.

Keller-Cohen, Deborah, and Cynthia Gordon. "'on Trial': Metaphor in Telling the Life Story." Narrative Inquiry 13.1 (2003): 1-40.

Kjærbeck, Susanne, and Birte Asmuß. "Negotiating Meaning in Narratives" An Investigation of the Interactional Construction of the Punchline and the Post Punchline Sequences." Narrative Inquiry 15.1 (2005): 1-24.

Korobov, Neill. "Narratives as Drawn-Upon and Narratives as Occasioned: Challenges in Reconciling an Emic and Etic Analysis." Narrative Inquiry 12.2 (2002): 413-22.

Kraus, Wolfgang. "The Narrative Negotiation of Identity and Belonging." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 103-11.

Küntay, Aylin C. "Occasions for Providing Resolutions (or Not) in Turkish Preschool Conversational Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 11.2 (2001): 411-50.

Kupferberg, Irit, David Green, and Izhak Gilat. "Figurative Positioning in Hotline Stories." Narrative Inquiry 11.2 (2001): 385-410.

Kyratzis, Amy. "The Contribution of Linguistics to Understanding Identity Construction in Holocaust Life Stories and Intertextual Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 45-49.

---. "Narrative Identity: Preschoolers' Self-Construction through Narrative in Same-Sex Friendship Group Dramatic Play." Narrative Inquiry 9.2 (1999): 427-55.

Labov, William. "Narrative Pre-Construction." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 37-45.

Lapadat, Judith C. "Autobiographical Memories of Early Language and Literacy Development." Narrative Inquiry 14.1 (2004): 113-40.

Linde, Charlotte. "The Transformation of Narrative Syntax into Institutional Memory." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 139-74.

Losh, Molly, et al. "Narrative as a Social Engagement Tool: The Excessive Use of Evaluation in Narratives from Children with Williams Syndrome." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 265-90.

Lucius-Hoene, Gabriele, and Arnulf Deppermann. "Narrative Identity Empiricized: A Dialogical and Positioning Approach to Autobiographical Research Interviews." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 199-222.

Mancuso, James C. "Discussing Nonconscious Processes Involved in Autobiography." Narrative Inquiry 12.1 (2002): 213-23.

McAdams, Dan P. "The Role of Narrative in Personality Psychology Today." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 11-18.

McKenzie, Kevin. "The Psychology of Time-Travel: Ambivalent Identity in Stories of Cross-Cultural Contact." Narrative Inquiry 9.2 (1999): 391-426.

McLeod, John. "Narrative Thinking and the Emergence of Postpsychological Therapies." Narrative Inquiry 16.1 (2006): 201-10.

McVee, Mary B. "Revisiting the Black Jesus: Re-Emplotting a Narrative through Multiple Retellings." Narrative Inquiry 15.1 (2005): 161-95.

Melzi, Gigliana, and Margaret Caspe. "Variations in Maternal Narrative Styles During Book Reading Interactions." Narrative Inquiry 15.1 (2005): 101-25.

Middleton, David, and Helen L. Hewitt. "Remembering as Social Practice: Identity and Life Story Work in Transitions of Care for People with Profound Learning Disabilities." Narrative Inquiry 9.1 (1999): 97-121.

Mildorf, Jarmila. "'Opening up a Can of Worms': Physicians' Narrative Construction of Knowledge About Domestic Violence." Narrative Inquiry 12.2 (2002): 233-60.

Minami, Masahiko. "Maternal Styles of Narrative Elicitation and the Development of Children's Narrative Skill: A Study on Parental Scaffolding." Narrative Inquiry 11.1 (2001): 55-80.

---. "Politeness Markers and Psychological Complements: Wrapping-up Devices in Japanese Oral Personal Narratives." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 351-71.

---. "The Relationship between Narrative Identity and Culture." Narrative Inquiry 10.1 (2000): 75-80.

Mossige, Svein, et al. "Children's Narratives of Sexual Abuse: What Characterizes Them and How Do They Contribute to Meaning-Making." Narrative Inquiry 15.2 (2005): 377-404.

Nelson, Katherine. "Meaning in Memory." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 409-18.

Norrick, Neal R. "The Dark Side of Tellability." Narrative Inquiry 15.2 (2005): 323-43.

---. "Retelling Again." Narrative Inquiry 8.2 (1998): 373-78.

Noy, Chaim. "'You Must Go Trek There': The Persuasive Genre of Narration among Israeli Backpackers." Narrative Inquiry 12.2 (2002): 261-90.

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---. "One More First Time: A Response to Commentary by Katz and Shotter." Narrative Inquiry 10.2 (2000): 475-81.

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