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== References ==
== References ==
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Herman, Luc and Bart Vervaeck. ''Handbook of Narrative Analysis.'' University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, 2001.

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An implied author does not appear in the text, but creates an impression of the entire text through ideology or world-view.



The implied author is distinguishable from the narrator in that the implied author does not recount events or dialogue, but instead is present through ideology. As Luc Herman and Bart Vervaeck write, this ideology can be discerned through "the basis of word choice, humor, and the manner in which characters are introduced" (17). The implied author works "behind the scenes" shaping the values that the narrative projects onto its audience.


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Herman, Luc and Bart Vervaeck. Handbook of Narrative Analysis. University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, 2001.

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