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The focalized refers to the material interpreted and presented to the audience through the focalizer.



The focalized is the subject of the focalizer. This focalizer mediates the focalized situation or event through his or her own perspective and presents it to the audience in his or her own terms. The object of focalization, or focalized, is therefore dependent on a focalizer to negotiate its presentation.


"Every one gives up something when they marry. She had given up her home. She had come to live here, in this awful city. But Septimus let himself think about horrible things, as she could too, if she tried. He had grown stranger and stranger. He said people were talking behind the bedroom walls. Mrs. Filmer thought it odd. He saw things too--he had seen an old woman's head in the middle of a fern. Yet he could be happy when he chose."

(Septimus is the focalized)

-Virginia Woolf, Mrs. Dalloway

Critical Debates

{is the term contested, challenged, defined differently, etc.?}

Related Terms

focalizer, focalization, internal focalization, external focalization


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