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SESSION 1     11:00 – 12:30

Contemporary Narratology Session I: Narration
Location TBA

Chair: Emma Kafalenos, Washington University – St. Louis.

  • Jan Baetens, University of Leuven. “Narrative Speed: Some Reflections on K. Hume's Article in Narrative, May 2005.”
  • Jonathan Culler, Cornell University. “Telepathy vs. Omniscience.”
  • Henrik Skov Nielsen, University of Aarhus. “Indeterminacy and Potentiality in Written Narrative.”

SESSION 2     12:30 – 2:00

Session 2A     Lacan and Subjectivity
Location TBA

  • Matthew Clark, York University. “Language, Literature and Self.”
  • Royal S. Brown, University of New York. “Poe Revisited: The Purloined Letter and Lacanian Myth.”
  • Eleanor Kaufman, UCLA. “The Name of the Husband.”
Session 2B     Jamesian Fiction
Location TBA
  • Melanie H. Ross, US Merchant Marine Academy. “The Art of Feeling in Henry James's The Portrait of a Lady.”
  • Melba Cuddy-Keane, University of Toronto. “William James and the Human Work of Particularity.”
  • Susan M. Griffin, University of Louisville. “Jamesian Noir: Black & White & In Color.”
  • Ruth Hoberman, Eastern Illinois University. “James's The Outcry: Making an Audience for Art.”
Session 2C     Televisual Narratives
Location TBA
  • Carlen Lavigne, McGill University. “Primetime Propaganda and the Politics of CSI.”
  • Lauren Byler, Tufts University. “'The stake is not the power': Narratives of the Un-slayable in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”
  • Robyn Diner, Concordia University. “White Trash…in Canada? The Trailer Park Boys, Stink Mitt and Narratives of Canadian Poverty.”
  • Yves Laberge, University of Laval. “Narrating Reality Television in French-Canada.”
Session 2D     Hidden Narratives
Location TBA
  • Arnaud Schmitt, University of Bordeaux. “Making the Case for Self-Narration Against Autofiction.”
  • Julie Flynn, Drew University. “We Owe it to Each Other to Tell Stories: Neil Gaiman and Narratives of Creation.”
  • Matthew Badura, Temple University. “'I'm scared about how sappy this will look in print': Hideous Talk by David Foster Wallace.”
Session 2E     Cognitive Approaches to Literature
Location TBA

Chair: Lisa Zunshine, University of Kentucky.

  • Lisa Zunshine, University of Kentucky. “The Novel as a Cognitive Experiment.”
  • H. Porter Abbott, University of California – Santa Barbara. “'Fail better': The Advantages of Incompetence Reconsidered.”
  • Frederick Luis Aldama, Ohio State University. “Narrative Gnashings in Zadie Smith's White Teeth.”
Session 2F     Intermental Plots, Gendered Collaboration
Location TBA

Chair: Alison Booth, University of Virginia.

  • Heather Morton, University of Virginia. “"Shall we forgive him?': Alice and the Man Who Plotted Her.”
  • Sarah Heidt, Kenyon College. “'We are going to work together': Plotting Spouses and the Writing of Hardy's Life.”
  • Kate Nash, University of Virginia. “Intermental Thinking and Gendered Reading: John Cowper Powy's Glastonbury Romance.”
Session 2G     Modernism, Disorientation and the City: Belyi's Petersburg
Location TBA

Chair: Robin Feuer Miller, Brandeis University.

  • Eric J. Bulson, Columbia University. “Modernism, Disorientation, and the City.”
  • Marcia A. Morris, Georgetown University. “Stairways to Heaven?: Balconies, Carriages and Stairways and Liminality in Belyi's Petersburg.”
  • Peter Rollberg, George Washington University. “Fathers and Terrorists: The Shadow of Dostoevski's Devils in Belyi's Petersburg.”
  • Deborah A. Martinson, Columbia University. “Myth and Metapoetics in Belyi's Petersburg.”
Session 2H     African-American Women's Narratives
Location TBA
  • Bessie Goldberg, York University. “Passing Where? Space and Directionality in Nella Larsen's Passing."
  • Laura Quinn, Allegheny College. “Ann Petry's The Street and Gunnar Myrdal's An American."
  • Navneet Sethi, Jawaharlal Nehru. “Touching the Color of Land: The Sounds of Spaces in Cane."
Session 2I     War and Human Rights in Contemporary Narratives
Location TBA
  • Sidonie Smith, University of Michigan. “Victims, Perpetrators, Beneficiaries: Human Rights, Storytelling, and the Position of Witness.”
  • Vanessa Raney, Southern Connecticut State University. “Crossing Genres to Frame the Same Major Trauma: Four Pairs of Shifting WW2 Holocaust Narratives in 1st Person, Real and Imaginary.”
  • Nouri Gana, Queen's University. “The Refugee Camp Narrative: Elias Khoury's Gates of the City and the Trauma of the Lebanese Civil War.”
COFFEE BREAK     2:00 – 2:30

SESSION 3     2:30 – 4:00

Session 3A     Narrative (Re)Cognition
Location TBA

  • Hans Lofgren, Goteborg University. “Narratology Beyond Cognition.”
  • Barry Stampfl, San Diego State University. “Narrative as Critique: Trauma Theory and Two Short Stories by Todd Hasak-Lowy.”
  • Matti Hyvarinen, University of Tampere. “Beyond Narrative?”
Session 3B     American Fiction: Secrets, Subjectivity, and Scene
Location TBA
  • Ashley Byock, Northwestern University. “'Strange wanderings' and 'Nameless wonderings': Narrativity and Indeterminacy in Melville's Pierre.”
  • Christine Nadir, Columbia University. “The Language of Madness and the Name of Death: Narrative and Economy in Willa Cather's Environmental Ethics.”
  • Avak Hasratian, Brown University. “Secret Histories, Open Secrets, and the (De)formation of Community.”
  • Michael Rozendal, University of San Francisco. “Proletarian Narratives, Poetics of Social Necessity: William Carlos Williams' Radical Short Fiction.”
Session 3C     Cultural Production and Communities
Location TBA
  • Julie Rak, University of Alberta. “The Methodological Challenge of Genre: Reading Auto/biography for Mass Markets.”
  • Matthew C. Garrett, Stanford University. “Episodic Poetics in Early US Political Autobiography.”
  • Benjamin Joseph Bishop, University of California – Irvine. “Flaubert's Deformative.”
Session 3D     The Bad Subjects of the Victorian Novel
Location TBA
  • Rachel Ablow, University of Rochester. “George Eliot's Bad Subjects.”
  • Lorri Nandrea, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. “Lookers, Loungers, and Loiterers in Hardy's Fiction.”
  • Laura Green, Northeastern University. “Ambivalence and Identification: Virginia Woolf's The Voyage Out.”
Session 3E     Innovative Narrative Voices Across Perspectives and Cultures
Location TBA
  • Hilary P. Dannenberg, University of Bayreuth. “Post-Colonial Narrative Strategies in Anglophone Fiction.”
  • Brian Richardson, University of Maryland. “'We' Narration and Its Theory.”
  • Emma Kafalenos, Washington University at St-Louis. “Focalization as Characterization: Cortazar's Bestiary.”
Session 3F     Space, Time, and Figures of the Social in Recent Cinema
Location TBA
  • Scott R. MacKenzie, Davidson College. “The Castle of Eden: Terence Malick's Inverted Gothic.”
  • Deanna Kreisel, Warren Wilson College. “'My Iraqi ass map': Somatic Geographies in Three Kings.”
  • Corinn Columpar, University of Toronto. “Time Travel and Epistemological Crisis in Shane Carruth's Primer.”
Session 3G     Early French Narratives
Location TBA
  • Christopher B. Wood, New York University. “Twisting Ariadne's Thread: Two Late Sixteenth-Century Fictional Debates on the Ariadne-Abandonment Motif.”
  • Joanna Luft, University of Windsor. “The Narrator-Dreamer-Lover Persona: Repetition and Ambiguity in Le roman de la rose.”
  • Kathleen A. Loysen, Montclair State University. “Reader Reception Theory and the Sixteenth-Century French Tale Collection.”
Session 3H     Motive, Rhetoric, and Performativity
Location TBA
  • Moira Eileen Phillips, Osgoode Hall Law School. “Brave New World: The Use of Burkean Rhetoric in Legal Narratives.”
  • Miriam Marty Clark, Auburn University. “'Motive' and Contemporary Fiction: An Argument for Kenneth Burke's Usefulness.”
  • Jung Ah Kim, Columbia University. “Narrative Performativity of the Autobiographical Writing Act.”
Session 3I     Narrating the Visual Arts
Location TBA
  • Marnin Young, Texas Christian University. “Narration and Time in Edouard Manet's Execution of Maximillian."
  • Perin Emel Yavuz, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales. “Emerging Narrative in Narrative Art.”
  • Silvia Oliveira, Purdue University. “The Narrative Bond in Twentieth-Century Painting: Reflections on the Work of Paula Rego.”
PLENARY     4:15 – 5:45
Location TBA

Antoine Grumbach, Facultè d'Architecture, University of Paris. “Jewish Space: Shelters, Thresholds, and Limits.”

RECEPTION      6:00 – 7:30
Location TBA

NEWCOMERS DINNER     7:30 – 9:00
Location TBA

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