Call for 2022 Booth Award Nominations

Dear colleagues,

As you know, each year the International Society for the Study of Narrative confers the Wayne C. Booth Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contributions to the study of narrative over the course of a career. I am writing to invite members of ISSN to submit nominations for the 2022 winner of the Booth Award. Please send your nominations by November 30th, 2020 to: (use my private e-mail address instead of replying to the entire list, please).

Our next year’s president Lindsay Holmgren and first vice-president Erin James will collaborate with me on preparing a list of nominees, drawing on your recommendations. From this list, the ISSN Executive Council will identify three finalists. Past winners of the Booth Award and past presidents of the ISSN will then select an honoree from among these three.

The Society gave its first Lifetime Achievement Award to Wayne C. Booth in 2006. Subsequent honorees have been: Gérard Genette, Susan Stanford Friedman, Dorrit Cohn, Seymour Chatman, Gerald Prince, Hayden White, Tzvetan Todorov, Lubomir Doležel, Marie-Laure Ryan, Mieke Bal, Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Susan Lanser and James Phelan. The 2022 Award will be formally presented at the ISSN Conference 2022.

You will find more information about the award at:

Thank you for helping us to identify outstanding candidates for the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award.

On behalf of the nominating committee,

Sylvie Patron