Officer Nominations

Dear Members of ISSN,

This October the Society will elect two new Executive Board
members, to serve for three years, as well as its next
Second Vice-President, who serves for four years
(proceeding to First Vice-President, President, and Past
President). The nominations for these positions are drawn
up by the nominating committee, which comprises the current
VP and two other Society members.

This year, that is Sarah Copland (MacEwan University), Mari
Hatavara (University of Tampere), and me (Aarhus Institute
of Advanced Studies).

All ISSN members are invited to propose names for the
nominating committee to consider. Self-nominations are
entirely in order, so don’t be shy!

Note that eligible candidates will have attended recent
ISSN conferences, and will usually commit to attending two
meetings of the ISSN Executive Board in each year of their
term – one at the ISSN Conference and one at the MLA
Convention. At the same time, don’t hesitate to nominate
someone, including yourself, who for good reason (lack of
funding, distance, etc.) cannot make it to MLA. Candidates
for Second VP should have attended 3 out of the last 5
annual conferences.

Please send your suggestions to Sarah, Mari, and me (along
with a brief indication of the reason for your
recommendation) no later than July 15, 2016.

Sarah Copland:
Mari Hatavara:
Jan Alber:

All the best,
Jan Alber