Project Narrative Summer Institute: Narrative Medicine: Deadline Approaching 3/25/16

Project Narrative Summer Institute:

July 4 – July 15, 2016

“Narrative Medicine across Genres and Media”

 The Project Narrative Summer Institute (PNSI) is a two-week workshop at The Ohio State University devoted to an intensive study of issues in narrative theory as they relate to a specific theme or movement. This summer’s PNSI on Narrative Medicine will be led by Project Narrative core faculty Jared Gardner and James Phelan. On July 13-14, we will be joined by Rita Charon (Columbia University), the pre-eminent scholar-practitioner of the movement.

 The goal of Narrative Medicine is to reform medical practice. It asks: how can reclaiming the centrality of narrative to the processes of illness, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery (or the impossibility of recovery) change the way both practitioners and patients experience those processes? How can narrative theory be marshaled to help effect these changes?

 This focus on practice and people feeds back into the project of narrative theory. To what extent has the field displaced the mind and body of the storyteller with theoretical tools designed to provide quantifiable, mappable, and universal structures? What happens when the endpoint of working with narrative theory is not the construction of new tools or new interpretations but practical consequences in the lives of tellers and listeners? 

 PNSI 2016 will take up these and other questions in connection with a wide range of narratives and narrative theory.  Above all, we will explore the complex interplay among medicine, narrative, and narrative theory that constitutes the lifeblood of Narrative Medicine. 

The deadline for applications is Monday, March 25, 2016. For more info on how to apply, see